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School Meals

School meals do not need to be booked and children can select their choice on the day.

Please click on the school menu to view the food options available for your child.


Children in KS1 (Reception / Year 1 / Year 2): 

School lunches are provided free for all of our KS1 children who would like them.  Although school dinners are free for all children in KS1, you may still be able to claim an additional £1320 Pupil Premium funding for your child’s educational needs! Click here to find out if you are eligible.


Children in KS2 (Years 3,4,5,6):

The price of meals is £2.43 per meal and must be paid in advance. Payment can be made in cash sent to the school office or can be paid direct to our meal provider on their website

Parents of children in KS2 may also be able to claim free school dinners for their child – and get an additional £1320 Pupil Premium funding for their child’s educational needs!

Free School Meals for KS2