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Our children have the opportunity to enjoy lots of clubs after school!


Our Spring Term 2023 clubs are:


YEAR 1 - Construction: Tuesdays to 4.15pm (Miss Allin)

YEARS 1/2 - Story: Mondays to 4.15pm (Miss Hoskins & Ms Shanmugham)

YEAR 2 - Arts & Crafts: Tuesdays to 4.15pm (Miss Adams)

YEAR 2 - Tri-Golf: Tuesdays to 4.15pm (Mrs Verge)

YEARS 3, 4, 5 & 6 - French: Mondays to 3.50pm (Mrs Ives)  There is a £28 charge for the term.

YEAR 3 - Board Games: Mondays to 4.15pm (Mrs Everest)

YEAR 3 - Computing: Thursdays to 4.15pm (Mrs Ford)

YEARS 3/4 - Gym: Thursdays to 4.15pm (Mrs Verge)

YEAR 4 - Eco: Tuesdays to 4.15pm (Miss Selby)

YEARS 4/5 - Speedstacking: Mondays to 4.15pm (Miss Durrant)

YEARS 4/5/6 - Choir: Mondays to 4.15pm (Mrs Payne)

YEARS 4/5/6 - Football: Fridays to 4.15pm (Mr Kilbride)

YEARS 4/5/6 - Craft: Fridays to 4.15pm (Miss Rennie)


Applications for these clubs have now closed.  If  you have any queries regarding clubs, please contact the relevant member of staff.