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Forest School

Forest school is learning in an outdoor environment, facilitating play, individual learning, resilience, confidence and improving self-esteem, whilst gaining knowledge and appreciation of our natural environment. Each session is child led, they choose what direction they want to take their own learning in.  We always have lots of options for children to choose from.

Year 1

We have been focussing on teamwork, nature ID and mini beasts.  They have built bridges across the mud and built dens using natural resources. Collected worms, slugs and other mini beasts and looked at them under a magnifying glass. They have collected leaves of different colours and noticed changes in the seasons. We spend time sitting around the fire circle discussing what we have found and enjoyed in each of our sessions.


Year 2

We have been focussing on knots, tools, nature ID and teamwork. We used palm drills to make conker stick men and thread string through to make necklaces/bracelets. We tied knots in rope and string to connect pieces together.  We used to teamwork to improve our den building skills and games focussing on collect natural materials to make bug hotels for mini beasts. We recognised different birds that visit us in the woodlands. We made snowmen out of wood discs, or decorated pine cones from our woods.