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We have an attractive school uniform at High Firs which adds to a sense of identity and community; parents are requested to support the school in making sure that their child wears the correct uniform.


  • Black or grey school trousers – long or short (not sports shorts or tracksuit bottoms), or grey school skirt/tunic of appropriate length.
  • Gold polo-shirt (with or without school logo).  To order items with school logo, please visit Brigade Clothing  For polo shirts without the school logo we would currently recommend Next or Marks & Spencer as these are a good colour match but most supermarkets offer a gold/yellow polo shirt.
  • Gold sweatshirt/cardigan (with or without school logo).  To order items with school logo, please visit Brigade Clothing
  • Black, grey or white school socks or tights; no motifs
  • Summer dresses in yellow or yellow & white in simple school style.

Caps and water bottles are available to purchase from the school office. (New Reception children will be given a cap for the summer term).

Footwear  All children should wear sensible, flat-heeled school style shoes that are secure to the foot. Open-toed or slip-on shoes are not appropriate and no responsibility is taken for children wearing unsuitable footwear to school. Trainers are not suitable for school day wear and are not part of the school uniform.

Children should also have an overall or apron for craft work.

Jewellery Jewellery may not be worn at school. If your child has pierced ears, small stud earrings may be worn at your own risk. However, on PE days, we ask that earrings are not worn – this follows advice from the KCC PE Adviser. Children may wear watches to school. Please discuss with the school if there is any jewellery you would like your child to wear regarding religious observance.

Hair Hair that is long enough should be securely tied back during the school day. This is for health & safety reasons – it ensures that hair does not become tangled or caught and also helps reduce the spread of headlice. We ask that children’s hairstyles are appropriate for school; hairstyles should not include dye or bear logos or writing.

PE Kit PE bags are provided in your child’s house colour when they start school; a replacement bags if needed can be purchased from the office. All children will need the following PE kit which can be purchased from any clothing provider:- Plain round-neck t-shirt in assigned house colour (royal blue/red/yello/green) - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PHASED CHANGE FROM WHITE T-SHIRTS SO WE WOULD REQUEST THAT ALL CHILDREN HAVE A HOUSE COLOUR T-SHIRT BY SEPTEMBER 2023. / Black shorts / Dark coloured tracksuit bottoms / Plimsolls – (KS1 & KS2) Trainers (for outdoor use, KS2 only).  No patterns, logos or pictures on clothing please!

As per advice from Kent County Council and “Safe Practice in Physical Education”, published by The British Association of Advisers and Lecturers in Physical Education (BAALPE), indoor gym & dance activities are undertaken in bare feet. Work in bare feet is strongly recommended because this: – Maximises the exercise value and promotes the development of strong, healthy feet. – Enables tactile sensation with the soles of the feet on working surfaces and thereby increases your child’s safety. – Promotes work of quality through extension of the ankles and toes. Verrucae, athletes foot and other infections should be treated in accordance with medical advice, but should not normally prevent active participation in sports. A thin-soled plimsoll may be worn for gym or dance activities if this is the case as trainers are not appropriate; a rubber sock should be worn for swimming.

Valuables and Personal Property All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Items of clothing are frequently handed in as ‘lost property’ and their owners never traced because the clothing has not been marked. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost property. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL CLOTHING AND PROPERTY WORN OR BROUGHT TO SCHOOL IS CLEARLY NAMED. There is always a risk of damage or loss and children should not bring valuable possessions or money to school unless it is for a specific purpose.

Bags We do not have storage in school for large rucksacks or large bags. Children in KS1 are issued with school book bags and children in KS2 have a record-style school bag. In addition to this children in Y5 and Y6 are able to have the school rucksack as an alternative. If children need new book bags, record bags or rucksacks these can be purchased from the school office by using the uniform order form; children’s own bags should not be used, please.