Yr1 & Yr3 31.1.22

Miss Selby and Miss Durrant have both had positive Covid tests on Saturday.  If your child is in Year 1 or Year 3 then we recommend LFD testing for your child, as per the text last week to Yr1 and this morning to Year 3.  If your child develops symptoms then they should self-isolate and a PCR test be taken.

We are very grateful to Mrs Ford, Mrs Bridle, and Miss Angeli who have all offered to work additional days this week, along with our TA team, in order that we can cover classes with known staff.  Planned teaching cover for wb 31st January will therefore be –

Year 1 –  

Monday & Tuesday: Mrs Wells-Johnson, Mrs Rekstiene & Ms Kelly

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Mrs O’Dwyer

Year 3 –  

Monday: Mrs Walford & Mrs McCullough

Tuesday to Friday: Miss Angeli