Remote Learning

If your child tests positive for Coronavirus or is required to remain at home for another reason they can access work set by school for completion at home via this page.  This work should only be undertaken if your child, or those supervising your child, are well enough to do it. 

The work consists of a timetable of activities to cater for a maximum of 8 school days of isolation.  When you click the relevant class below, you will be taken to a timetable that lays out the typical amount of work that may be set for a normal school day – some English, maths, phonics/spelling /grammar and foundation subjects in the afternoon. 

The activities are based on the current term’s curriculum for each class. 

You may find you child progresses through the work more quickly, in which case they could access additional work/activities as outlined below:

  • Online Learning tasks via your child’s personalised log-in eg: MyMaths / Spelling Shed / Rockstars etc.   Links are shown below.
  • Their usual weekly Home Learning Log tasks (a copy of which is posted on their class website page).

If your child finds it difficult to access the work, please contact your class teacher via their class email (to be found on the links below in their timetable).  If your child falls behind the amount of work for a day, do not worry – just spend a reasonable amount of time (2-4 hours in total depending on age) attempting whatever can be done in that time.  

If your isolation period is for shorter that the 8 days, only attempt to complete the number of days work that matches the number of school days of your child’s self isolation.

Work completed can be emailed in via the class email address (to be found on the links below in their timetable) and feedback will be given daily via email.  Additionally, class teachers will arrange to speak with you and your child via telephone or video call on one or two occasions during the isolation period.  

If you require paper copies of work, rather than online access, please contact the school office to arrange and work can be returned to school at the end of the isolation period.


Click on the class to access your absence learning:


Online Learning

Depending on your child’s year group, they may have access to the following sites (click to access) –